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Welcome to Shefaly | Handbags

Gorgeous and fabulous handbags are now available for everyone here at the Shefaly Handbag Store. We have a large collection of exclusive handbags suitable for weddings, evenings out, casual use and as gifts. Our selection is one of the largest you will be able to find on the web! If your looking for Shefaly costume jewellery then follow this link!

Bridal Handbags

Our website offers a wide selection of bridal handbags No matter what style of wedding you are having, be sure that the bridal handbags we sell are great quality and exclusive. Our experience in bridal matters is diverse and we are confident we have something that will meet your approval and requirements.

Evening Handbags 

Our website has a comprehensive selection of Evening handbags.  The main thing here is colour! Rest assured, we have a variety of colours, finishes and styles for your night out with the perfect evening handbag!

Casual Handbags

Our Casual Handbags are crafted from the finest materials, and we offer handbags for all occasions. If you are looking for casual handbags, we are confident we have something that will meet your approval.

Wedding Handbags

Our website has a large selection of Wedding Handbags. So if your attending a special day, and you want a great bag to match that wedding you are going to you are in the right webshop. We are confident that we have something for all weddings when it comes to wedding handbags.

Clutch bags

We stock Clutch bags that are designed for a wide audience. Our website offers unique clutch bags, and we are confident when it comes to these products we will have something that will meet your approval.

So you have bought your costume jewellery for your big wedding day, and you have your stunning dress and all the other bits sorted, but whatís the one thing thatís missing that would really finish your outfit off? Bridal handbags are a great way to accessorise your wedding jewellery. But there are so many bridal [...]

Christmas is a great time of year to bring the bling out of your wardrobe because at Christmas time you can get away with as much sparkle or as little sparkle as you like. You can wear stunning crystal costume jewellery but better still you can accessorise with crystal handbags as they are the perfect [...]

Christmas is just around the corner, 7 weeks and 2 days away to be exact, and with the way time is flying nowadays before you know it it will be 2012. So why not start thinking about your Christmas gifts and your Christmas accessories, especially your Christmas handbag? You dont have long left for those [...]

September is well and truely here and so come the shorter days, darker nights and colder weather. But its not all negative as many places have some great sales on at the moment to keep you going including Shefaly Handbags. We know after all that September can be one of those months that you just [...]

Spring is a great season! The clocks go back we get more time in the sun, which is shining so brightly and we have such wonderful outfits we can wear. But no outfit looks great without accessorising it with a beautiful handbag. So what handbags are a great to wear with your outfit? Spring encompasses [...]

Costume jewellery isnít just for the likes of me and you. Costume jewellery is also worn but celebrities and celebrity costume jewellery is no more dissimilar to what you and I wear. So what type of costume jewellery are the celebrities wearing at the moment? Celebrities at the moment are sticking to the main trends [...]

So your thinking about buying a handbag perhaps as a wedding handbag,and evening handbag or a prom handbag. But with this you have to also think about what costume jewellery you are going to match to your beautfiul handbag. And theres only one place to get your costume jewellery from and that would be [...]