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About Us

A degree in Psychology, a Masters in Occupational Psychology and a Graduate Trainee for the NHS HR Management Training Scheme…that was my life until July 2006. So why start my own business, in Costume Jewellery & Fashion Jewelry of all things I hear you ask? Simple! I saw a niche in the market for costume jewellery, fashion jewelry and handbags and decided I wanted the challenge of bringing fashion accessories that are extremely elegant and above all sexy to every single person in the UK be it man, woman or cat! So whether you need something for a night out, for work or for that extra special occasion, we can add that missing glamour to your outfit!

Having travelled for an extensive period to the Americas to Europe to Australasia throughout my life, I found that there is a whole world of elaborate or demure, sexy or refined costume jewellery that we could only have dreamt of…until now. So having seen a world of possibilities I decided to set up Shefaly | House of Jewels. Now I have a dedicated team which travels the globe to find our distinctive products.

Since Shefaly | House of Jewels started, we have expanded our product range to include handbags and other accessories. We've had such a great response to the bridal handbags, evening handbags, leather handbags and casual handbags that we decided to dedicate a site purely to these gorgeous accessories. Shefaly | Handbags are a must have accessory for every fun-loving fashionista, and so here we bring you the most beautiful array of stunning handbags found this side of the stars.

And remember, our FREE DELIVERY* and FREE RETURNS policy is also applicable to all our handbag range as well. So whether you are buying costume jewellery, fashion accessories or handbags, you can be sure to get the most striking,colourful and stylish accessories with Shefaly.

I hope you like the handbags I have choosen especially for all you style conscious women and men out there.

Simply sparkling accessories that bring colour back in Fashion!


Shefaly X






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