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27 October

Shefaly | Handbags has launched!

Shefaly|Handbags is a new website dedicated to all of you fashionistas out there who love handbags, whether they are wedding handbags, leather handbags, casual handbags, beach bags..well you get the point! Any type of handbag you can think of really!

Shefaly| Handbags is an off shoot of Shefaly|House of Jewels which now only specialises in costume jewellery and fashion jewellery. Shefaly|Handbags came about as the team at Shefaly realised that the handbags that they had sourced were flying off the shelves and people, whether brides, boyfriends or mums, loved the styles and ranges we stocked. So the end result? A beautiful, glamorous website dedicated to handbags of any style, colour and size.

Handbags are an essential accessory for any woman (or man..dont forgot the man-bag!) to have and adorn her outfit.Sometimes its the accessory that makes your outfit. So spoil yourself rotten with our stunning range of handbags on offer here at Shefaly| Handbags.