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25 November

Bridal Handbags – to carry or not to carry?

Even though costume jewellery or hair accessories are essential for any bride on her wedding day, some people find bridal handbags to be essential too. Bridal handbags can look great on your wedding day and as a wedding accessory can sometimes be hard to chose.

Carrying a bridal handbag is completely your choice. If on a normal day you feel lost without your handbag then carrying a bridal handbag maybe the choice for you. It’s also handy to keep your make up in to touch it up during the day, some Kleenex and maybe perfume. But some of you find holding a bag a hassle. Even if you give it to your maid of honour you may still end up carrying it when taking your photos or during the reception.

Whatever fashion accessory, costume jewellery or bridal handbag you chose, just wear it with style and you are bound to look a million dollars on your big day!


21 November

Summer bridal handbags

Summer is truly here! What wonderful weather we are having, and for all you brides who are going to have a summer wedding, you need to decide what bridal handbag to accessorise your outfit with, so we here at Shefaly | House of Jewels are here to help!

When it comes to summer weddings, less is more. But bridal handbags are still a necessity. You can go for a bridal handbag that will match your dress, so if you are wearing a cream dress, maybe go for a cream handbag. Or you can go for a bridal handbag that matches your jewellery more. If you have pearl costume jewellery on then go for a pearl encrusted handbag for example. Or for your bridesmaids handbags, go for a handbag that matched their dress like a gorgeous pink bridesmaids handbag.

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to your handbags and costume jewellery for your summer wedding accessories.


19 November

Fashion handbags for bridal outfits

Handbags for brides are all about its own fashions. Every year, the large designer houses create one off master pieces. These are then trickled down into the mainstream, and soon enough all the shops, stores and web companies have them.

So whats new for 2009 and coming into 2010?! Well, from what we can see the fur range, and sparkle range is in, and is coming in force for 2010.

Shefaly handbags has worked off the success of jewellery to create a one stop shop for brides, bridesmaid and for wedding attendees to source the bag for those perfect days!

You will find a comprehensive collection, which will be increased in size shortly! Followed soon by mass publicity in all types of magazines from our inhouse PR guru’s!

Love, Shefaly Handbags

17 November

Handbags for the coming season and new year

Handbags for the new year and xmas are all the range in the stores. Made even more popular with designer Jimmy Choo signing up a collection at H&M for xmas.

But, whats about in the other store and the web for bridal handbags, wedding handbags, xmas handbags and the new years collections?!

Xmas handbags are are about the sparkle, the shinny finishes, and the glamorous colours! Reds, greens and gold handbags are all a must.

The web has a great collection of handbags, and many vendors will offer next day delivery to your door! So why bust your feet in heels in oxford street?!

Love, Shefalyhandbags

8 November

Bridal Handbags

Every bride needs a piece of costume jewellery or hair accessory for their big day, but so many forget about the most important accessory, the bridal handbag.

Bridal handbags are a matter of choice and also more importantly what your dress is like. So if you are wearing an ivory coloured dress (off-white dress) you should go for a similar handbag like the Gorgeous in Ivory handbag. Or if you have a lace affect dress go for the lace handbag. Finally, some of you might like a bit of bling on your handbag to match your sparkly jewellery, here the silver circle dream handbag goes so well.

Whatever fashion accessory, costume jewellery or bridal handbag you chose, just wear it with style and you are bound to look a million dollars on your big day!


7 November

How to choose the perfect evening handbag

Evening handbags can be a really sexy addition to any outfit and can finish your look off in true style, especially if the colour is matched to your costume jewellery. There are many types of evening handbags and the one you choose really depends on what sort of look you are going for

The perfect evening handbag for a night out to a club or bar would be something that’s quiet demure and not too imposing. So you can wear a pair of jeans and a top and finish the look off with a great black clutch bag or a gorgeous silver handbag

But because evening handbags are so versatile the same hand bag can be worn if you are going to a Christmas party or to a ball. But you can buy an even snazzier handbag for such an occasion, one that has many diamantes on it, or perhaps beaded, and maybe even a dash of colour like a pink handbag or a gold handbag. If you decide to wear a little black dress to such an occasion a colourful handbag can really look fabulous, especially if matched to your costume jewellery.

Finally, don’t forget your big day. For your wedding you would most probably want a white, cream or ivory handbag. This can be beaded or have diamantes on it and since evening handbags come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours, you are sure to find one that matches the look you are going for.  Or for the contemporary bride, why not try matching your wedding handbag to your jewellery and go for something with colour, like a gold handbag?


So, 2010 is fast approaching. Bridal handbags are coming quickly and fast!

Fear not, take a look at the collection that Shefaly has expanded into. The bridal collection here is amazing, and will be featured heavily by bridal magazines such as perfect weddings and wedding ideas. Look out for special offers and competitions soon!

Shefaly has collections for brides, bridesmaids and brides mothers. The collection is being expanded in the next few months, in anticipation for the 2010 rush!

There are few sites you can go to which will specialise in this, and thats why we have decided to expand into this niche market, with our expertise in web shoppers from our Jewellery arm.

Love, Shefaly Handbags

4 November

Christmas Handbags, whats on offer?

Xmas is all about the outfit, and its got to be glam! Make sure you opt for a stylish handbag that ensures you shine during christmas!

The best options are reds, greens, and blacks. These have the best looks and are the most impressive for any xmas party!

Finish has to be beaded, crystals, or plain satin finishes. Shefaly Handbags, now the new sister arm of, the fastest and most upcoming costume jewellery etailer.

If you are stuck for ideas then search on the internet, or visit your high street to see whats on offer. But, remember, some of the best prices are available on the internet! Delivery at shefaly handbags is free on all orders over £15, and delivery is next day! WinWin.

Love Shefaly Handbags.