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25 December

Shefaly Handbags Sale – to start soon!

Shefaly handbags is celebrating leaving 2009 in style. After all, its the year that the handbag website had its inception!

The casual, bridal, wedding and leather handbag company is offering all its customers a massive discount, and its here to be taken up by all, but for a limited time only!

For a truely great deal, on a wide range of handbags, keep an eye on the store site. The sale will be on for a limited period and will go to a wide range of products including some of the most popular wedding and bridal handbags!

If you have any place to shop, such as the long lines to pay at your local department store, then think again. You can shop seamlessly from our site, in the comfort of your own home, and enjoy free delivery! Brill.

With Love,

Shefaly Handbags…x

24 December

Brooches as a handbag accessory

Brooches aren’t only an accessory that can be used as costume jewellery for your coat lapel or for even ad a hair accessory. Brooches can look fabulous for accessorising your handbags with, whatever type of handbag you decide to carry including wedding handbags and leather handbags.

So if you have a simple black handbag, why not a for example the crystal wreath brooch to your handbag on a special evening out to make it look amazing. You can also add a brooch to your wedding handbag, like the crystal and pearl brooch to accentuate your white handbag or your ivory handbag even more.

Brooches can be used in so many different ways, whether on your shoes, on your clothes as an accessory or on your handbag to make it a normal bag look extra special.


You might think that since you are getting married you have to go for traditional looking wedding handbags like white wedding handbag or ivory wedding handbag. But this doesn’t need to be the case. Other colourful handbags can also be used and here’s a guide to how you can wear your wedding handbags.

If you have an off white lace dress as your bridal gown, this would look great with a little bit of brown added to it. So this could be a brown lace bow around your midriff, and then topaz or brown accessories with a brown clutch handbag. Or if you are accessorising your dress with gold costume jewellery why not try adding a gold handbag to as your wedding handbag of choice.

There are many other ways that you can accessorise your wedding dress, especially by adding a splash of colour it’s your wedding handbag.


Depending on what your bridal gown looks like you might want to choose your bridal handbag accordingly. You should compliment your dress so that your handbag accentuates it and also your jewellery. So does it matter which dress type goes with which type of bridal handbag. You wouldn’t think so but it does as you can get it wrong.

As far as strapless gowns go, a bridal handbag with a shoulder strap would be great as it would look fantastic as it would accentuate your shoulders. And as far a clutch handbags go well they match just about any type of dress. If you have a fairytale bridal gown, why not try a metal bag, one with a metallic finish and handle as this would make you look like a real princess.

If you have any tips or advise for our brides-to-be on what handbags are great as bridal handbags let us know below.


23 December

Beautiful bridal handbags for beautiful brides

Bridal handbags are a great accessory for brides as they can really compliment your dress and jewellery. So which bridal handbags should a beautiful bride hold on her big day? Well that’s what we are here to tell you on our superb bridal blog.

The bridal handbag you carry on your big day would really depend on your own style, on your bridal theme, and on your jewellery and other accessories. So if you have an ivory bridal gown go for an ivory handbag like the gorgeous in ivory handbag. Or if you have a white gown go for a white handbag like the diamante handbag.

Beautiful brides should accessorize as much as possible, and when it comes to bridal handbags it is important for your big day is it holds all the essentials like your spare make up and Kleenex.


16 December

Handbag Trends for Winter 2009/2010

Handbags have been one of the must have accessories to have over the past few years. But what is the handbag trend got this season? Top designers have showcased handbags that are sparkly with many embellishments, complimenting many of the dresses out there this season.

And it’s not just large handbags that are en vogue. All sizes of handbags are in style whether they are clutch handbags to small bags or totes. There is also a real rock influence in this seasons handbags which have chains on them and are dark colours with many rivets. And following on from this there is a lot of metal on the handbags as well whether they are leather handbags or clutch handbags.

Even though many different handbag sixes are in fashion, large bags still seem to play an important part on the catwalks. Large totes and large leather handbags are in fashion. This is good news for those of you who like to carry a lot of things with them.

You really can keep your wardrobe fresh this season by investing in just a few new accessories whether handbags or jewellery. You’ll stay fashionable without breaking the bank.


15 December

The perfect evening handbag

What makes the perfect outfit- is it the dress or the shoes? We think it has to be the perfect evening handbag, as that’s the next thing a person will look at when you first walk into a room. Although you can look stunning without an evening handbag, nowadays an outfit that isn’t accessorised with a stunning handbag is like wearing an outfit without shoes! It just can’t be done! So what does make the perfect evening handbag?

Well I think to begin with you have to think about what the dress looks like. So if it’s a black dress maybe complimenting black filigree earrings with a black evening handbag would look fabulous. Or crystal earrings if the dress would suit it with a diamante handbag. Also think about the rest of your jewellery if you are wearing a crystal cocktail ring you should stick with crystal as your main colour for example. Or if you are wearing a coloured dress for example fuchsia, then why not go for a fuchsia bracelet? Then you have to think about your shoes, and make sure your jewellery and your evening handbag match.

There is a lot to think about when picking the perfect evening handbag, but don’t over think it too, since and evening handbag should also reflect your own personal style.


15 December

Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding handbag

Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life, so you have to make sure your wedding handbag and bridal accessories are just as special as the day and the wedding gown itself is. So how do you choose whether you want to hold a wedding handbag, and if you do what type of bridal handbag do you want? Here are a few tips:

  1. Once you have chosen your dress, then it’s time to choose your bridal handbag as you will know what style of bridal handbag to go for. Including colour of your handbag too.
  2. Remember high street shops aren’t the only place you can find bridal handbags and wedding accessories. Online handbag shops have a great range of handbags especially wedding handbags, or even evening handbags that can be used as a wedding handbag and unique one off pieces.
  3. Don’t forget to chose your bridesmaids handbags too- you will still be the belle of the ball don’t worry! J

If you need any help choosing your wedding handbag please do contact us and we will help you chose your bridal handbags.



14 December

What do women keep in their handbags!?

Women’s Handbags are like a treasure trove of secrets when it comes to men. What lies in the depths of a women’s handbag, apart from the obvious? Well depending on whether it is an evening handbag, a leather handbag, a tote or a bridal handbag you really cannot tell. But here we are at Shefaly Handbags to give you the low down on what you might find on the day.

The easiest handbag for us to uncover the secrets for is the evening bag or bridal handbag. These bags are mostly on the small size with very little in it. In an evening bag you might find some extra money, a lipstick, a mirror and maybe a mobile phone if it’s big enough. In a wedding handbag you might only find the essentials like an extra safety pin or two, a makeup essentials kit like lipstick and compact and then some tissues for obvious reasons. In a large leather handbags or a tote bag, well you can find everything but the kitchen sink!

So now you know what you might find in a women’s handbag, be careful how you delve into it. You can’t take our word for what’s in a handbag though, so be very careful.


13 December

Bridal handbags

Handbags are a great fashion accessory but it’s even more great and gorgeous as an accessory on your wedding day. Bridal handbags can accentuate your costume jewellery as well as your stunning wedding dress so chose your bridal handbag with care and attention.

I guess the bridal handbag you decide to go for depends mainly on your dress and your costume jewellery as this is what you are going to see on your big day. You could also take into account your shoes as well if you are really paying attention to detail. You could go for an ivory bridal handbag if your dress is ivory in colour and your bridal handbag could be covered in stunning crystals if you have crystal costume jewellery.

Or you could hold a white bridal handbag if you have a pure white dress. This would lo do fabulous and really create a finished look to your entire outfit. For those of you going for an alternative, contemporary look go for a red evening handbag or a black evening handbag to stun all your guests!