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23 February

White wedding handbags

Wedding handbags are an essential accessory for your wedding day as you can keep all your essentials in it like lipstick, tissues and compact. You can get many different styles and sizes of wedding handbags but the most popular colour for a wedding handbag is a white wedding handbag.

White wedding handbags are popular because they not only match the dress and the shoes, but they are the classic bridal colour. Go for a white wedding handbag with diamantes on it for example to jazz it up a bit, or a white wedding handbag with a bow in front for example.

Wedding accessories are what you want them to be, and that’s the same with wedding handbags. So chose a wedding handbag that you know will be a great accessory on your wedding day.


23 February

Crystal handbags for weddings

Shefaly | Handbags stock a huge range of wedding handbags and bridal handbags, and the real trend nowadays is crystal wedding handbags that matches your crystal wedding jewellery.  Crystal wedding handbags look stunning against your bridal gown and crystal jewellery.

Crystal wedding handbags can be made from Swarovski crystals, but are very expensive starting from around £200 a piece. But many crystal wedding handbags can give the same sort of look at half the price if not more. Crystal wedding handbags can be made from Austrian and CZ crystals or diamantes which look just as fabulous.

Crystal wedding handbags are great accessory for your wedding day but crystal handbags are also great a prom handbags or as evening handbags.


10 February

Handbag brooches for handbags

Handbags look great as they are, but the all important handbag accessory is still a must have. And the new handbag accessory is now handbag brooches are you can really make any handbag look stunning with a small embellishment.

All you have to do is get a stunning handbag like the gorgeous in gold handbag and maybe add a stunning little crystal brooch to it. Since e the bag is so simple you can add a lovely little brooch to it. Even to handbags with a little embroidery on it you can add a little handbag brooch to make it look more snazzy.

Handbags are great as they are as they are a great fashion accessory, but add a little bling like a handbag brooch and it will make it look even better.


The question about what bridal handbag should be worn on your wedding day has been asked by so many beautiful brides. So we thought we would write a quick blog about what bridal handbag you should wear so all you brides out there can get some advice on the topic.

Most brides opt for white or ivory bridal gowns, so the obvious choice would be a white wedding handbag or an ivory wedding handbag. But you don’t have to be traditional. Why not go for a silver handbag if you are wearing a bridal gown with silver embellishments on it or silver embroidery. Some brides also opt for non traditional colours for the gown like brown gowns or red gown and then you can go for a brown wedding handbag or a red wedding handbag.

Handbags are an all important accessory for your big day as it holds all your important bits and bobs, so chose your wedding handbag carefully.


2 February

Wedding handbags

Many brides have already started to shop for their wedding day even though it may be months away. This is a great way to find exactly what you are looking for, and taking your time over it. This is just as important when you are looking for your wedding handbag.

Wedding handbags are a great accessory to have on your wedding day. They are very practical. You can put all your necessary bits in your wedding handbag. So your lipstick, which might need retouching during the day. Or your handkerchief or tissues, as you are sure to shed a tear or two. And that all important compact powder that you might need just to check your makeup in the mirror and touch up a bit of powder.

Wedding handbags are not only practical but look so stunning against your dress and jewellery and really does finish your outfit off.


2 February

Valentine’s Day handbags

So valentine’s day is around the corner and not only will you be looking for a valentine’s day present if you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship, or if you have a big date lined up (or you could be going out with your girlfriends)  you could buy a handbag. Handbags make a great present and a great accessory for any special occasion.

So what type of handbag would make a great present? Well you could buy a black handbag. This type of handbag would go with more or less anything in anyone’s wardrobe. Or you could be more practical and go for a leather handbag so that this can be used as a work handbag or as an evening handbag. For yourself, when you go out for that Valentine’s Day date, why not go for a sexy handbag like a clutch handbag?

Whatever you decide to wear on Valentine’s Day, make sure you add your own personal style to it. This could be by using a handbag charm or a handbag brooch to accessorise it with.