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30 March

Statement handbags

Handbags are a great accessory for any occasion. You obviously have your everyday handbag, or your work handbags. And then you have your evening handbags or clutch handbags. But the most fashionable of all handbags at the moment is statement handbags.

Statement handbags can be used for any occasion. Statement handbags can be leather handbags or evening handbags. The fashion trends for Autumn/Winter 2010-11 shows that statement accessories are the main trend. So go for statement handbags to make a real statement!

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24 March

Prom handbags for prom season

Exams are looming, but what most teenagers are looking forward to is the end of year prom, and what more do you want to do but buy your dress and your accessories. So you need to look for your prom handbag to accessorise your outfit with.

Prom handbags are such a great accessory to shop for because you can really go for more or less any colour handbag and type of handbag. Prom handbags can be a black evening handbag. This means you can use it time and time again with any outfit. Or you can match your handbag to your outfit, so a pink prom handbag, or a blue handbag for example.

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22 March

Wedding handbags do’s and don’ts

Wedding handbags are a great accessory whether you are the bride, the bridesmaid, or attending the wedding. But there are some dos and don’ts when using wedding handbags just as much as there is as to what you are going to wear.

If you are the bride you are more than likely to go for a white wedding handbag or an ivory wedding handbag depending on what dress you are going to wear. If you are the bridesmaid you might want to go for a wedding handbag that will match your dress so you could go for a pink wedding handbag or a blue wedding handbag depending on the colour of your dress. Then if you are a guest at someone’s wedding you can go for an evening handbag, maybe a black handbag as it would match any outfit. I would say stay away from large handbags, as they can look a bit casual and overpower your outfit.

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16 March

Bridal handbags

Bridal handbags are an important fashion accessory for any bride to have on their wedding day. It’s essential for many reasons, but you have to make sure that your bridal handbag looks great and matches as well to your bridal outfit.

Bridal handbags can be in many different colours, shapes and sizes. The main type of bridal handbag is a white wedding handbag or ivory wedding handbag. These are traditional bridal colours so are great for a traditional wedding day. Then there are colourful wedding handbags that can be used for your bridesmaids or for the alternative bride.

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9 March

Bridesmaid’s handbags

When it comes to wedding handbags bridesmaids handbags are a great way to make your bridesmaids look stunning on your big day and really pull together your colour theme. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to bridesmaids handbags.

If your bridesmaids are following a colour theme of pink you could buy a pink bridesmaids handbag or even a contrasting handbag like the ivory handbag. Or how about a green themed wedding where you can go for a green handbag. You might not want to have everything matching too much, so you could go for a black handbag or an ivory handbag, or perhaps a white handbag if you do not have a white dress.

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4 March

Wedding Handbags

Every bride needs a piece of costume jewellery or hair accessory for their big day, but so many forget about the most important accessory, the wedding handbag.

Wedding handbags are a matter of choice and also more importantly what your dress is like. So if you are wearing an ivory coloured dress (off-white dress) you should go for a similar handbag like the Gorgeous in Ivory handbag. Or if you have a lace affect dress go for the lace handbag. Finally, some of you might like a bit of bling on your handbag to match your sparkly jewellery, here the silver circle dream handbag goes so well.

Whatever fashion accessory, costume jewellery or bridal handbag you chose, just wear it with style and you are bound to look a million dollars on your big day!


3 March

Silver wedding handbags

Silver wedding handbags are great as a bridal accessory or bridal handbags. The reason being is because it can match just about any dress, any jewellery and any pair of shoes.

Wedding handbags can be of any style shape and colour but we think silver wedding handbags are the best. Since most costume jewellery is silver plated with crystals on it, a silver wedding handbag seem the obvious choice, In addition, many wedding dresses nowadays are embellished with silver embroidery so silver wedding handbags look great against this type of dress.

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