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So you have chosen your wedding dress and your wedding jewellery, now all that’s left is the last but surely not least wedding accessory the wedding handbag. Now there are a range of handbags you can chose from but the best style of wedding handbag is a crystal wedding handbag as it looks stunning.

A crystal wedding handbag is an amazing accessory as it can look so glamorous against your dress and your wedding jewellery. A Crystal wedding handbag can also come in a variety of colours as well as just clear crystal. But the best thing about a crystal wedding handbag is that you can wear it time and time again without it going out of style.

Crystal wedding handbags can also be worn by any member of the wedding party like the bride’s mother or even as a bridesmaid’s handbag.


Wedding handbags are a must have accessory for your big day. But who says you have to have a white wedding handbag or an ivory wedding handbag which are the traditional wedding colours. Weddings nowadays are so spectacular and stunning, and many brides decide to go for contemporary colours like black and pink.

So when you are looking at picking your wedding handbag, try to match it up to your contemporary wedding colours. So if you are wearing a pink wedding dress you could go for a black wedding handbag. Or if you have a blue wedding dress you could contrast it with a white wedding handbag.

Wedding handbags are an up and coming popular wedding accessory for brides and you should consider what type of wedding handbag you want carefully as it really can make or break your outfit.


13 May

White wedding handbags

So many women nowadays are still using traditional white as their choice of colour for their wedding dress and accessories and so you would need a white wedding handbag too to finish your look off. White wedding handbags are a great accessory as they can match any style of dress and any other accessories.

So if you are wearing a traditional white dress on your big day then chose one of our stunning white wedding handbags. You can have your white bridal handbag encrusted with crystal or made from leather or velvet even.

But many women nowadays are also looking at non traditional colours for the wedding. Don’t worry though; we have just about any colour handbag.