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30 June

Beautiful bridal handbags

Bridal accessories are so important for any bride to hold on their big day, not only are they practical but are also such a stunning accessory. You can wear any type of handbag on your big day but there are few things you can consider when choosing your wedding handbags.

One of the first things you can consider when choosing your wedding handbag is the colour of the handbag. So if you are wearing a white handbag then why not go for a white wedding handbag. Or if your dress is ivory go for an ivory wedding handbag.

If however you are wearing a colourful dress go for a pink clutch bag or red clutch bag. And if you are going for a contemporary wedding, then go for any type of handbag that takes your fancy.


28 June

Statement handbags for summer 2010

Handbags have always been an important fashion accessory for any woman to carry, but the style of handbag that every woman should have whether as her wedding handbag or work handbag is the statement handbag as this type of handbag can really make an impact on your look.

Statement handbags, when it comes to your wedding handbag doesn’t necessarily have to be large in size, more a statement piece. So you should be looking for a diamante handbag for example or a crystal handbag perhaps. Statement handbags also encompass large leather handbags which are perfect for work handbags.

Statement handbags are a great way to finish your outfit off whether it’s your bridal outfit or your work outfit. Statement handbags are the perfect handbag and are here to stay.


22 June

Summer 2010 bridal handbags

Wedding season has well and truly started now and you’re probably wondering about what handbag to have as your wedding handbag since it is one of the most important fashion accessories on your big day.

Wedding handbags are not only practical, but oh so beautiful too. You stunning bridal handbag can be use to put your little bits in like tissues, make up and mobile phone. For your summer bridal handbag you have to really think about what type of outfit you are wearing as well as what your theme is. So you have a white wedding handbag or a lilac wedding handbag if you have lilac in your theme.

Wedding handbags are a great accessory for your big day. Practical and stunning you can’t go wrong with whatever wedding handbag you decide to chose.


Handbags as any girl knows are the must have accessory on your arm. You can’t go anywhere without having a stunning handbag on your arm whether it’s a clutch bag, wedding bag or evening bag. But what is the trend for handbags this autumn winter 2010?

Autumn Winter is all about handbags. And the catwalks show that it is still important for all ladies to carry a handbag. Next season is all about large handbags, small clutch bags, coloured handbags, or leather handbags…as you can see any handbag goes.

So choose the right handbag for the right occasion and you are good to go. A leather handbag for your day out or a white wedding handbag for your big day!


16 June

Crystal wedding bags

Crystal wedding handbags are this wedding seasons must have accessory. They are beautiful and stunning whether you are wearing as you own wedding handbag or as a guest to a wedding. Crystal wedding bags glimmer and shine like no other handbag, so you can really make a statement on your big day.

Crystal wedding bags do not have to be as expensive as many online handbag shop sell. You can get crystal wedding bags for really good prices nowadays and they are just as stunning as Swarovski Crystal handbags that you get nowadays.

If you want help in choosing your crystal wedding handbags drop us a line below and we will do all we can to help.


15 June

Beautiful bridal handbags

Handbags are a girl’s best friend, next to diamonds of course! Handbags are a fabulous accessory and every girl has several in their wardrobe. But the one handbag that would be the most important handbag to choose on your wedding day is your bridal handbag.

The right bridal handbag like any bridal accessory is a hard choice to make. But you just got to consider a few things. Firstly what colour is your dress, then you can go for a contrasting handbag. So if you are wearing a pink dress, then go for a white wedding handbag. Or of you are wearing a white wedding handbag you can go for a classic white wedding handbag.

Just remember it is important to have a wedding handbag on your big day as you need somewhere to put your all important touch up makeup, lipstick, mobile and tissues!


14 June

Clutch bags for this season

Clutch bags are the ultimate fashion accessory at the moment. They are this season it bag. Clutch bags are a stunning accessory to hold on any occasion, whether it’s as an evening bag or as a wedding bag.

Clutch bags come in many different styles shapes and sizes. But when choosing a clutch bag you need to consider what type of event you need your handbag for. If you are looking at using your clutch bag as a wedding handbag, then you should go for something sparkly and white! If you are looking for an evening clutch bag, go for a classic black clutch bag.

If you want help choosing your clutch bag, drop us a line here and we will do our best to help


Prom season is well and truly here now, and we know a lot of you girls have chosen your dress, your shoes and your jewellery, but have you thought about what handbag you are going to use on the night, since handbags are such a necessary accessory on such an important day.

Your prom handbags can match your dress, so if you are wearing a pink dress go for a pink handbag. Or if you are wearing a classic little black dress, how about a black handbag? Black handbags are great as well as you can use it over and over again with any outfit.

Handbags are important on your prom as you need to keep all your little bits and pieces in it like money, and mobile phones so don’t forget your prom handbag.


So you have a prom or a wedding to attend over the next few weeks and you have your dress and other accessories sorted, but what handbag are you going to take with you on that all important occasion. Well you do have plenty of choice and are spoilt for choice, but we can only recommend one handbag that would be great- the Black Diamante handbag.

The black diamante handbag is a stunning handbag, which has a shiny black finish to it and two stunning rows of diamantes on the handbag flap. This handbag is so versatile not only because it is black and can match just about and dress colour, but also can be used as an evening handbag when you go out on the town.

If you are looking for a black handbag, and the black diamante handbag isn’t quite right for you, then have a look at our site to see if you like any other black handbag.


The MTV Movie Awards just took place last Sunday so it made us think and look out for what handbags the stunning celebrities were clutching on this fabulous night. All the celebrities were holding stunning handbags, from evening handbags to clutch handbags.

We saw Sandra Bullock hold a stunning black clutch handbag similar to the one below. It looked beautiful against her stunning black mini dress. Then we saw Scarlett Johansson holding a beautiful gold handbag, looks stunning against her emerald green evening dress.

To get the celebrity look when it comes to your evening handbags, get a stunning evening handbag from Shefaly | Handbags.