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21 July

Statement handbags

So we all know statement costume jewellery is a real big fashion trend at the moment, but just as much as that, statement handbags are necessary for every woman to have. Even if it is just that one statement handbag, that you use all the time or on special occasions, every woman must have a stunning statement handbag in her wardrobe.

Statement handbags can be anything from leather handbags to evening handbags to day handbags. Leather handbags which are large and can be designer handbags or even non- designer affordable handbags. Statement handbags used as evening handbags are those that are used more for parties like envelope handbags.

Bridal handbags can also be statement handbags but you just got to make sure you don’t go too OTT with statement bridal handbags as they can out shine you.


When it comes to your wedding day, or come to think of it, when attending someone else’s wedding day most women should hold a handbag to really finish their outfit off. So what colour wedding handbag should you chose when it comes to a wedding day?

Well for the bride it’s really important to think about what your dress is like. If you are wearing a white wedding dress then go for a white wedding handbag. Or if you are going for an ivory dress go for an ivory wedding handbag. But what if you are a guest at the wedding?Well again you have to go for an evening handbag or a clutch bag. These will be perfect. And then you can match it to your dress, so a black dress could call for a black handbag, or even contrast it with say a pink handbag.

Bridal handbags and evening handbags are the best type when it comes to a brides wedding day or even when attending one, so go on be daring.


13 July

The best bridal handbags around.

Bridal handbags are an important bridal accessory, as important as you wedding dress or your bridal jewellery. But how do you know which wedding handbag to chose and where to choose it from. Bridal handbags need to be matched to your dress properly and correctly.

Bridal handbags should be matched to your dress and your shoes and also your bridal jewellery. So if you have a stunning crystal beaded dress, then you should match your handbag to this. So you can choose a stunning crystal handbag. Or if you have a pearl encrusted handbag go for a pearl handbag. If you are opting for a colourful wedding dress, like a pink wedding dress, then go for a pink clutch bag for example.

Bridal handbags are stunning and practical on your big day and can really finish your outfit off.


Choosing your bridal handbag is just as important as choosing your wedding jewellery or your wedding dress. The wedding handbag you chose will make or break your outfit. The bridal handbag you chose can really make you look amazing.

The best way to choose your wedding bag is by first thinking about your wedding dress, what style is it, is it satin or cotton, is it lace or covered in crystals? This way you can match your outfit to your bridal bag as you can for example go for a diamante handbag or a lace handbag then.

You can also consider your shoes as well, as many people like to match their shoes to their handbag. But at the end of the day the wedding handbag you chose should be what you like and you can see yourself holding on your big day.