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26 August

Handbags for the bride

Brides need a handbag? Really?! Well, maybe! Shefaly thinks that the bride need to have the perfect handbag at her side! Even if its the bridesmaid carrying for the bride!

Shefaly have a large collection of bridal handbags, and bridesmaids bags on offer. these can all be found on the dedicated handbag site for bridal handbags.

Also, dont forget that shefaly comes from the jewel, so the handbags have a little crystal to make them bling – perfect for the bridal day!

Love Shefaly

6 August

Clutch Bags for the season?

Clutch bags are all the rage. Shefaly Handbags Company, established as an offshoot of the successful Shefaly jewellery brand has a great collection of hanbags for the coming season.

Clutch bags can come in all shapes and sizes. But as the name suggests, you want to be able to hold it in the palm of your hand. For this reason, pay attention to the size of any bag you order, as one persons hand grasp can differ from another person.

As for colours and styles of clutch bags, buy what you like. Although the beige and light pastels are the key colours for 2010, really thing you like can work with you style and outfit.

Shefaly Handbags