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21 July

Statement handbags

So we all know statement costume jewellery is a real big fashion trend at the moment, but just as much as that, statement handbags are necessary for every woman to have. Even if it is just that one statement handbag, that you use all the time or on special occasions, every woman must have a stunning statement handbag in her wardrobe.

Statement handbags can be anything from leather handbags to evening handbags to day handbags. Leather handbags which are large and can be designer handbags or even non- designer affordable handbags. Statement handbags used as evening handbags are those that are used more for parties like envelope handbags.

Bridal handbags can also be statement handbags but you just got to make sure you don’t go too OTT with statement bridal handbags as they can out shine you.


23 February

White wedding handbags

Wedding handbags are an essential accessory for your wedding day as you can keep all your essentials in it like lipstick, tissues and compact. You can get many different styles and sizes of wedding handbags but the most popular colour for a wedding handbag is a white wedding handbag.

White wedding handbags are popular because they not only match the dress and the shoes, but they are the classic bridal colour. Go for a white wedding handbag with diamantes on it for example to jazz it up a bit, or a white wedding handbag with a bow in front for example.

Wedding accessories are what you want them to be, and that’s the same with wedding handbags. So chose a wedding handbag that you know will be a great accessory on your wedding day.


2 February

Valentine’s Day handbags

So valentine’s day is around the corner and not only will you be looking for a valentine’s day present if you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship, or if you have a big date lined up (or you could be going out with your girlfriends)  you could buy a handbag. Handbags make a great present and a great accessory for any special occasion.

So what type of handbag would make a great present? Well you could buy a black handbag. This type of handbag would go with more or less anything in anyone’s wardrobe. Or you could be more practical and go for a leather handbag so that this can be used as a work handbag or as an evening handbag. For yourself, when you go out for that Valentine’s Day date, why not go for a sexy handbag like a clutch handbag?

Whatever you decide to wear on Valentine’s Day, make sure you add your own personal style to it. This could be by using a handbag charm or a handbag brooch to accessorise it with.


24 December

Brooches as a handbag accessory

Brooches aren’t only an accessory that can be used as costume jewellery for your coat lapel or for even ad a hair accessory. Brooches can look fabulous for accessorising your handbags with, whatever type of handbag you decide to carry including wedding handbags and leather handbags.

So if you have a simple black handbag, why not a for example the crystal wreath brooch to your handbag on a special evening out to make it look amazing. You can also add a brooch to your wedding handbag, like the crystal and pearl brooch to accentuate your white handbag or your ivory handbag even more.

Brooches can be used in so many different ways, whether on your shoes, on your clothes as an accessory or on your handbag to make it a normal bag look extra special.