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14 March

Spring trends for handbags

Spring is a great season! The clocks go back we get more time in the sun, which is shining so brightly and we have such wonderful outfits we can wear. But no outfit looks great without accessorising it with a beautiful handbag. So what handbags are a great to wear with your outfit?

Spring encompasses everything that is floral.And this season every more so.This season has a real 70′s feel about it and you know the 70′s where all about love and peace with flowers being a real theme then. Therefore to go with this theme we reccommend you go for floral handbags like our grey flower clutch bag or our white flower handbag.

Spring is in the air so get your wardrobe up to date with floral accessories to match your floral outfits. Floral handbags are the best way to accessorise your outfit and make the most of this spring.


1 February

Clutch handbags

Handbags come in many different shapes sizes styles and colours but none are as versatile or as stunning for any occasion as the clutch handbag. Clutch bags are a great fashion accessory when used as wedding handbags, evening handbags or prom handbags.

Clutch handbags come in many different shapes,sizes and colours. So if you are looking for a clutch handbag to use as a wedding handbag, go for a white clutch handbag. Or if you are looking for a prom handbag then try matching your prom handbag to your prom dress, so if your prom dress is pink then go for a pink prom clutch handbag. Clutch handbags can also be worn to work as a work handbag.

Clutch handbags can be a stunning accessory for work or play. It can really make a style statement, and you will be sure to get a lot of compliments with a truely stunning clutch handbag.


24 January

Spring Summer 2011 Handbag trends

Spring Summer 2011 trends have now arrived on our internet shops and high street shops – at least we have hot weather and stunning clothes and fashion accessories including handbags to look forward to next season. We cant wait to see whats in store for us next season so heres the low down on what you can expect as the main trends.

Fashion is seeeing a real 70′s revival with Jodie Foster from Taxi Driver and Michelle Pfiffer from Scar face being the main type of influences for the clothes designed by the likes of Fendi and Versace. This revival encompasses bright bold colours. So when it comes to your handbags, whether evening handbags or casual handbags, look for bright colours. Or you can go for a minimalist look too and have this has your handbag look.

Whatever type of handbag you decide to hold this Spring/Summer 2011 remember to inject a bit of your own style into the look so you look a million dollars.


1 November

Celebrity handbags- a list style!

So you like your favourite celebrities handbag, and you want to get a celebrity handbag, but dont want to pay the price that the celebrities pay!? well look no further than online handbag shop to find your favourite celebrity handbag for so much less of a price.Handbags can be very expensive, but not if you dont need to go for the expensive LV handbags or Dior handbags.

What you have to remember is that many celebrities dont even pay for their handbags as they are given many gifts on a daily basis so that companies can get their product in the limelight. So even celebrities dont even pay for their handbags. So to get a celebrity handbag you are better off looking around for a great celebrity handbag. We have a great range of celebrity handbags for example.

So just remember, a celebrity handbag may look beautiful and you want feel like you want to spend loads of money on buying one, but you dont have to, since you can get a very similar celebrity handbag for a fraction of the price.


14 September

Handbags at the VMAs 2010

The VMAs took place last night and there were a whole lot of fashion trends to be seen on the red carpet, whether it was to do with dresses or with jewellery or even clutch handbags. you could really see some trends coming out from the VMAs.

The talk of the night was Lady GaGa’s raw meat dresa nd raw meat handbag. Lady GaGa loved the raw meat bikin she wore on the front on Vogue Japan that she had a dress made for the VMAs. And when she accepted her award, she made Cher hold her meat handbag. . The clutch or handbag actually had a gold closure and crystal detail on the front. When Lady gaga went to receive her VMA award, she handed the handbag or clutch to Cher; who seemed rather amused and appalled at the same time.

But next season will not see meat handbags as the must have accessory, since all Raw meat goes off at some point ;)


30 June

Beautiful bridal handbags

Bridal accessories are so important for any bride to hold on their big day, not only are they practical but are also such a stunning accessory. You can wear any type of handbag on your big day but there are few things you can consider when choosing your wedding handbags.

One of the first things you can consider when choosing your wedding handbag is the colour of the handbag. So if you are wearing a white handbag then why not go for a white wedding handbag. Or if your dress is ivory go for an ivory wedding handbag.

If however you are wearing a colourful dress go for a pink clutch bag or red clutch bag. And if you are going for a contemporary wedding, then go for any type of handbag that takes your fancy.


Prom season is well and truly here now, and we know a lot of you girls have chosen your dress, your shoes and your jewellery, but have you thought about what handbag you are going to use on the night, since handbags are such a necessary accessory on such an important day.

Your prom handbags can match your dress, so if you are wearing a pink dress go for a pink handbag. Or if you are wearing a classic little black dress, how about a black handbag? Black handbags are great as well as you can use it over and over again with any outfit.

Handbags are important on your prom as you need to keep all your little bits and pieces in it like money, and mobile phones so don’t forget your prom handbag.


2 February

Valentine’s Day handbags

So valentine’s day is around the corner and not only will you be looking for a valentine’s day present if you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship, or if you have a big date lined up (or you could be going out with your girlfriends)  you could buy a handbag. Handbags make a great present and a great accessory for any special occasion.

So what type of handbag would make a great present? Well you could buy a black handbag. This type of handbag would go with more or less anything in anyone’s wardrobe. Or you could be more practical and go for a leather handbag so that this can be used as a work handbag or as an evening handbag. For yourself, when you go out for that Valentine’s Day date, why not go for a sexy handbag like a clutch handbag?

Whatever you decide to wear on Valentine’s Day, make sure you add your own personal style to it. This could be by using a handbag charm or a handbag brooch to accessorise it with.


19 January

Evening handbags for those glamorous occasions

Evening handbags are a must have accessory when it comes to glamorous occasions whether it’s for your prom or for your wedding or for a ball. Evening handbags are just as important as the shoes your wear, your hair and your make up and so you should chose your evening handbag with care.

The classic evening handbag is a black handbag. The black handbag may or may not have diamante or crystal detailing on it. This is a stunning classic handbag that will go with absolutely anything and is as important to have in your wardrobes as the little black dress. Or if you want an evening handbag that stands out go for a coloured handbag, like a pink handbag or green handbag to really finish your outfit off. Just make sure it matches your dress!

Evening handbags are a must have accessory and so you should definitely have a few evening handbags in your wardrobe for any occasion.


19 January

Handbags at the golden globes

The golden globes took place last weekend, and we could see accessories galore on the red carpet. On prevalent accessory that could be seen was handbags, or even evening handbags. They look amazed against the glistening jewellery and the stunning evening gowns that were worn by the celebrities.

Evening handbags don’t have to be designer pieces which cost thousands of puns, as you can get the same look for very little. You could wear a black handbag with your black evening dress or as a prom handbag. You could even pair a gold handbag or a silver handbag with your stunning evening gown.

Handbags are a must have accessory for any girl as they really do serve a purpose whilst making you look so in trend and finishes your outfit off.