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So you have a prom or a wedding to attend over the next few weeks and you have your dress and other accessories sorted, but what handbag are you going to take with you on that all important occasion. Well you do have plenty of choice and are spoilt for choice, but we can only recommend one handbag that would be great- the Black Diamante handbag.

The black diamante handbag is a stunning handbag, which has a shiny black finish to it and two stunning rows of diamantes on the handbag flap. This handbag is so versatile not only because it is black and can match just about and dress colour, but also can be used as an evening handbag when you go out on the town.

If you are looking for a black handbag, and the black diamante handbag isn’t quite right for you, then have a look at our site to see if you like any other black handbag.