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29 January

Bridal handbags with a twist.

So you have bought your costume jewellery for your big wedding day, and you have your stunning dress and all the other bits sorted, but what’s the one thing that’s missing that would really finish your outfit off? Bridal handbags are a great way to accessorise your wedding jewellery. But there are so many bridal handbags to choose from.

Bridal handbags can come in many different colours and styles, including traditional white bridal handbag, or ivory bridal handbag. But many people are now opting for alternative wedding jewellery and wedding dresses so what can someone accessorise their outfit to when thinking about bridal handbags? Well you have such a huge chose of handbags, including red handbags for Christmas themed weddings, and you have also got gold handbags for more of a traditional themed wedding but with a slight twist.

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to handbags and especially for bridal handbags. Many evening handbags can be used as bridal handbags to add a twist to your wedding outfit, and many can even be used as prom handbags.



7 November

Crystal handbags

Christmas is a great time of year to bring the bling out of your wardrobe because at Christmas time you can get away with as much sparkle or as little sparkle as you like. You can wear stunning crystal costume jewellery but better still you can accessorise with crystal handbags as they are the perfect accessory.

Crystal handbags dont have to be expensive. They can be as dear or not as dear as you like it all depends on how much bling is on the bag and what type of crystal are used on the crystal handbag. Crystal handbags can use CZ crystal which are the cheaper of the crystal available on the market. They dont shine as much under the light but are a great alternative to say diamante crystals. The most sparkly of crystals is swarovski crystals and this would make the handbag very bling. The number of crystals on a crystal clutch handbag also adds to how bling it is or not.

As you can see crystal handbags are a great accessory whether you like a lot of bling or a little bling. They can really add a little something special to your outfit and paired with some crystal jewellery you truely will be the belle of the ball.


15 February

Costume jewellery and handbags

So your thinking about buying a handbag perhaps as a wedding handbag,and evening handbag or a prom handbag. But with this you have to also think about what costume jewellery you are going to match to your beautfiul handbag. And theres only one place to get your costume jewellery from and that would be

Shefaly | House of Jewels has a tremendous range of costume jewellery to match the beautiful handbag you have purchased.  They have chandelier earrings,cocktail rings and even stunning necklace and earring sets to match and to wear to more or less any outfit whether its for your prom or for your wedding.

If you want to really finish your beautfiul outfit and your stunning handbag off then make a visit to to really make a bold statement.


1 February

Clutch handbags

Handbags come in many different shapes sizes styles and colours but none are as versatile or as stunning for any occasion as the clutch handbag. Clutch bags are a great fashion accessory when used as wedding handbags, evening handbags or prom handbags.

Clutch handbags come in many different shapes,sizes and colours. So if you are looking for a clutch handbag to use as a wedding handbag, go for a white clutch handbag. Or if you are looking for a prom handbag then try matching your prom handbag to your prom dress, so if your prom dress is pink then go for a pink prom clutch handbag. Clutch handbags can also be worn to work as a work handbag.

Clutch handbags can be a stunning accessory for work or play. It can really make a style statement, and you will be sure to get a lot of compliments with a truely stunning clutch handbag.


18 November

Clutch handbags – the best accessory!

Handbags come in many different shapes and styles and now even colours. However the best type of handbag is the style of handbag that can look glamorous and elegant is the clutch handbag. Clutch handbags can be seen on celebrities and also held by many brides as their wedding handbag.

Clutch handbags are great as they look so modern yet, depending on its colour and style can also look very elegant. So as a wedding handbag you could have a clutch handbag thats white or ivory and can look beautiful when held in your hand. Or as a prom handbag you can have a beautiful black clutch bag for example, which can be used time and time again on any occasion.

Clutch handbags can really finish an outfit off by adding a bit of glamour and finesse to any outfit whether used as a bridal handbag or a prom handbag or even as a casual handbag.


7 September

Handbags at the Emmys 2010

The Emmys are a great place to see what type of accessories the celebrities are wearing with their stunning ball gowns and what we could potentially see as a trend in the up coming Autumn/Winter season. So what type of evening handbags where seen at the Emmys this year?

The handbags that were seen were predominantly evening handbags and clutch handbags since,obviously, this is the Emmys after all. We saw Tina Fei holding a stunning black clutch bag, and then we saw Eva Longoria Parker hold a beautiful sequined black clutch bag. There was also Cheryl Hines who was seen clutching a crystal studded handbag like the one seen at shefaly handbags called the Clutch white handbag. And finally we saw Emily Deschanel holding a beautiful black and gold clutch handbag.

These celebrities would pay hundreds of pounds for these handbags but you dont have to because at shefaly handbags you can get these handbags at just a fraction of the the price and they are just as stunning!


Prom season is well and truly here now, and we know a lot of you girls have chosen your dress, your shoes and your jewellery, but have you thought about what handbag you are going to use on the night, since handbags are such a necessary accessory on such an important day.

Your prom handbags can match your dress, so if you are wearing a pink dress go for a pink handbag. Or if you are wearing a classic little black dress, how about a black handbag? Black handbags are great as well as you can use it over and over again with any outfit.

Handbags are important on your prom as you need to keep all your little bits and pieces in it like money, and mobile phones so don’t forget your prom handbag.


13 April

Prom handbags fashion trends

Prom season is just starting now and everyone attending their prom this year is probably looking at buying your prom handbags. Prom handbags are what you want it to be, but there are some fashion trends that you can follow when picking your prom handbags.

First place to start when you are picking our prom handbag is to decide what you are wearing. A long dress, a short dress, a black dress or a pink dress!? If you want to choose colourful handbags you need to decide the colour of your dress and then pick your pink handbag or you red handbag for example. Or if you don’t know what you are wearing yet and you want to buy your prom handbags then go for black prom handbag or crystal prom handbag as it will really look fabulous with anything.

Prom handbags are a personal choice: you can follow trends, or you can just wear what you feel comfortable with.


8 April

Clutch handbags for this season

This season is all about accessorising your outfit. And for this season it’s not about large oversized handbags but all about small handbags and clutch handbags. So how do you choose your clutch handbags and match it to your outfit?

Well clutch handbags are like most other handbags, your own choice and style. Clutch handbags can also come in many different styles and shapes and sizes, but it really depends on what you decide to wear that will dictate what handbag you will chose. You can go for yellow clutch handbags, a black clutch handbag or a white clutch handbag. It’s totally up to you.

Shefaly | Handbags has a whole host of handbags in their store, especially clutch handbags. Go one have a look, you know you want to.


24 March

Prom handbags for prom season

Exams are looming, but what most teenagers are looking forward to is the end of year prom, and what more do you want to do but buy your dress and your accessories. So you need to look for your prom handbag to accessorise your outfit with.

Prom handbags are such a great accessory to shop for because you can really go for more or less any colour handbag and type of handbag. Prom handbags can be a black evening handbag. This means you can use it time and time again with any outfit. Or you can match your handbag to your outfit, so a pink prom handbag, or a blue handbag for example.

If you want help choosing your handbag, drop us a line here to help you out.