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3 February

Beautiful bridal bags

Wedding season is round the corner and all you beautiful brides will soon be on the search for beautfiul bridal bags. Bridal handbags are a necessity for any bride as it has so many uses and can really finish you wedding outfit off. Bridal handbags came in so many different style and sizes that you need to think carefully what handbag you decide to have.

Wedding handbags generally come in ivory or white. Ivory handbags are great to wear with an ivory wedding dress, and white handbags are obviously great for white dresses. But you might be one of those bold girls who will make a bold statement by wearing a colourful dress, then you can go for a colourful handbag like a blue handbag or a red handbag.

Wedding handbags like the rest of our outfit and acessories is all about what your own personal style is you should chose our handbag carefully when ou have such a huge collection to chose from.


24 March

Prom handbags for prom season

Exams are looming, but what most teenagers are looking forward to is the end of year prom, and what more do you want to do but buy your dress and your accessories. So you need to look for your prom handbag to accessorise your outfit with.

Prom handbags are such a great accessory to shop for because you can really go for more or less any colour handbag and type of handbag. Prom handbags can be a black evening handbag. This means you can use it time and time again with any outfit. Or you can match your handbag to your outfit, so a pink prom handbag, or a blue handbag for example.

If you want help choosing your handbag, drop us a line here to help you out.