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1 February

Clutch handbags

Handbags come in many different shapes sizes styles and colours but none are as versatile or as stunning for any occasion as the clutch handbag. Clutch bags are a great fashion accessory when used as wedding handbags, evening handbags or prom handbags.

Clutch handbags come in many different shapes,sizes and colours. So if you are looking for a clutch handbag to use as a wedding handbag, go for a white clutch handbag. Or if you are looking for a prom handbag then try matching your prom handbag to your prom dress, so if your prom dress is pink then go for a pink prom clutch handbag. Clutch handbags can also be worn to work as a work handbag.

Clutch handbags can be a stunning accessory for work or play. It can really make a style statement, and you will be sure to get a lot of compliments with a truely stunning clutch handbag.


24 January

Spring Summer 2011 Handbag trends

Spring Summer 2011 trends have now arrived on our internet shops and high street shops – at least we have hot weather and stunning clothes and fashion accessories including handbags to look forward to next season. We cant wait to see whats in store for us next season so heres the low down on what you can expect as the main trends.

Fashion is seeeing a real 70′s revival with Jodie Foster from Taxi Driver and Michelle Pfiffer from Scar face being the main type of influences for the clothes designed by the likes of Fendi and Versace. This revival encompasses bright bold colours. So when it comes to your handbags, whether evening handbags or casual handbags, look for bright colours. Or you can go for a minimalist look too and have this has your handbag look.

Whatever type of handbag you decide to hold this Spring/Summer 2011 remember to inject a bit of your own style into the look so you look a million dollars.


18 November

Clutch handbags – the best accessory!

Handbags come in many different shapes and styles and now even colours. However the best type of handbag is the style of handbag that can look glamorous and elegant is the clutch handbag. Clutch handbags can be seen on celebrities and also held by many brides as their wedding handbag.

Clutch handbags are great as they look so modern yet, depending on its colour and style can also look very elegant. So as a wedding handbag you could have a clutch handbag thats white or ivory and can look beautiful when held in your hand. Or as a prom handbag you can have a beautiful black clutch bag for example, which can be used time and time again on any occasion.

Clutch handbags can really finish an outfit off by adding a bit of glamour and finesse to any outfit whether used as a bridal handbag or a prom handbag or even as a casual handbag.


14 September

Handbags at the VMAs 2010

The VMAs took place last night and there were a whole lot of fashion trends to be seen on the red carpet, whether it was to do with dresses or with jewellery or even clutch handbags. you could really see some trends coming out from the VMAs.

The talk of the night was Lady GaGa’s raw meat dresa nd raw meat handbag. Lady GaGa loved the raw meat bikin she wore on the front on Vogue Japan that she had a dress made for the VMAs. And when she accepted her award, she made Cher hold her meat handbag. . The clutch or handbag actually had a gold closure and crystal detail on the front. When Lady gaga went to receive her VMA award, she handed the handbag or clutch to Cher; who seemed rather amused and appalled at the same time.

But next season will not see meat handbags as the must have accessory, since all Raw meat goes off at some point ;)


7 September

Handbags at the Emmys 2010

The Emmys are a great place to see what type of accessories the celebrities are wearing with their stunning ball gowns and what we could potentially see as a trend in the up coming Autumn/Winter season. So what type of evening handbags where seen at the Emmys this year?

The handbags that were seen were predominantly evening handbags and clutch handbags since,obviously, this is the Emmys after all. We saw Tina Fei holding a stunning black clutch bag, and then we saw Eva Longoria Parker hold a beautiful sequined black clutch bag. There was also Cheryl Hines who was seen clutching a crystal studded handbag like the one seen at shefaly handbags called the Clutch white handbag. And finally we saw Emily Deschanel holding a beautiful black and gold clutch handbag.

These celebrities would pay hundreds of pounds for these handbags but you dont have to because at shefaly handbags you can get these handbags at just a fraction of the the price and they are just as stunning!


6 August

Clutch Bags for the season?

Clutch bags are all the rage. Shefaly Handbags Company, established as an offshoot of the successful Shefaly jewellery brand has a great collection of hanbags for the coming season.

Clutch bags can come in all shapes and sizes. But as the name suggests, you want to be able to hold it in the palm of your hand. For this reason, pay attention to the size of any bag you order, as one persons hand grasp can differ from another person.

As for colours and styles of clutch bags, buy what you like. Although the beige and light pastels are the key colours for 2010, really thing you like can work with you style and outfit.

Shefaly Handbags

8 April

Clutch handbags for this season

This season is all about accessorising your outfit. And for this season it’s not about large oversized handbags but all about small handbags and clutch handbags. So how do you choose your clutch handbags and match it to your outfit?

Well clutch handbags are like most other handbags, your own choice and style. Clutch handbags can also come in many different styles and shapes and sizes, but it really depends on what you decide to wear that will dictate what handbag you will chose. You can go for yellow clutch handbags, a black clutch handbag or a white clutch handbag. It’s totally up to you.

Shefaly | Handbags has a whole host of handbags in their store, especially clutch handbags. Go one have a look, you know you want to.


30 March

Statement handbags

Handbags are a great accessory for any occasion. You obviously have your everyday handbag, or your work handbags. And then you have your evening handbags or clutch handbags. But the most fashionable of all handbags at the moment is statement handbags.

Statement handbags can be used for any occasion. Statement handbags can be leather handbags or evening handbags. The fashion trends for Autumn/Winter 2010-11 shows that statement accessories are the main trend. So go for statement handbags to make a real statement!

If you want help choosing your statement handbag, drop us a line here to get some advice.


16 December

Handbag Trends for Winter 2009/2010

Handbags have been one of the must have accessories to have over the past few years. But what is the handbag trend got this season? Top designers have showcased handbags that are sparkly with many embellishments, complimenting many of the dresses out there this season.

And it’s not just large handbags that are en vogue. All sizes of handbags are in style whether they are clutch handbags to small bags or totes. There is also a real rock influence in this seasons handbags which have chains on them and are dark colours with many rivets. And following on from this there is a lot of metal on the handbags as well whether they are leather handbags or clutch handbags.

Even though many different handbag sixes are in fashion, large bags still seem to play an important part on the catwalks. Large totes and large leather handbags are in fashion. This is good news for those of you who like to carry a lot of things with them.

You really can keep your wardrobe fresh this season by investing in just a few new accessories whether handbags or jewellery. You’ll stay fashionable without breaking the bank.