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7 November

Crystal handbags

Christmas is a great time of year to bring the bling out of your wardrobe because at Christmas time you can get away with as much sparkle or as little sparkle as you like. You can wear stunning crystal costume jewellery but better still you can accessorise with crystal handbags as they are the perfect accessory.

Crystal handbags dont have to be expensive. They can be as dear or not as dear as you like it all depends on how much bling is on the bag and what type of crystal are used on the crystal handbag. Crystal handbags can use CZ crystal which are the cheaper of the crystal available on the market. They dont shine as much under the light but are a great alternative to say diamante crystals. The most sparkly of crystals is swarovski crystals and this would make the handbag very bling. The number of crystals on a crystal clutch handbag also adds to how bling it is or not.

As you can see crystal handbags are a great accessory whether you like a lot of bling or a little bling. They can really add a little something special to your outfit and paired with some crystal jewellery you truely will be the belle of the ball.


13 October

Halloween party handbags

Halloween is round the corner believe it or not, and so are all the Halloween parties.So i bet you are already thinking about what you are going to wear this year, especially with regards to your accessories, mainly what party handbag are you going to use, especially if you are going to a fancy dress party?

As far as fancy dress parties go your party handbag should match as best as possible to your outfit, but then what if you go as a pumpkin? Its quiet hard to find an orange handbag! So we suggest going for a black handbag perhaps, or even just any casual handbag really. The best choice of handbags is for those of you who decide to go as Cinderella or those of you going out for drink and dinner in the city, as you can have a beautiful crystal handbag or a black handbag, even a lot of our wedding handbags do the trick on these types of occasions.

Halloween is a great holiday in which you can play dress up like you did when you were a kid. So enjoy yourself this year and be safe!


19 January

Evening handbags for those glamorous occasions

Evening handbags are a must have accessory when it comes to glamorous occasions whether it’s for your prom or for your wedding or for a ball. Evening handbags are just as important as the shoes your wear, your hair and your make up and so you should chose your evening handbag with care.

The classic evening handbag is a black handbag. The black handbag may or may not have diamante or crystal detailing on it. This is a stunning classic handbag that will go with absolutely anything and is as important to have in your wardrobes as the little black dress. Or if you want an evening handbag that stands out go for a coloured handbag, like a pink handbag or green handbag to really finish your outfit off. Just make sure it matches your dress!

Evening handbags are a must have accessory and so you should definitely have a few evening handbags in your wardrobe for any occasion.