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7 November

Crystal handbags

Christmas is a great time of year to bring the bling out of your wardrobe because at Christmas time you can get away with as much sparkle or as little sparkle as you like. You can wear stunning crystal costume jewellery but better still you can accessorise with crystal handbags as they are the perfect accessory.

Crystal handbags dont have to be expensive. They can be as dear or not as dear as you like it all depends on how much bling is on the bag and what type of crystal are used on the crystal handbag. Crystal handbags can use CZ crystal which are the cheaper of the crystal available on the market. They dont shine as much under the light but are a great alternative to say diamante crystals. The most sparkly of crystals is swarovski crystals and this would make the handbag very bling. The number of crystals on a crystal clutch handbag also adds to how bling it is or not.

As you can see crystal handbags are a great accessory whether you like a lot of bling or a little bling. They can really add a little something special to your outfit and paired with some crystal jewellery you truely will be the belle of the ball.


Wedding handbags are an essential accessory for any bride to have. The classic wedding colour is white or ivory. So many brides would go for a white wedding handbag or an ivory wedding handbag.

So what type of white handbags are there. Well you got the classic white clutch handbag, like the vintage white handbag. Or you have the classic ivory handbag like the gorgeous in ivory handbag. Or you can go for something more bling like the diamante clutch handbag. And for something a little different you can go for the White flower handbag.

The wedding handbag you choose for your big day is very much dependant on what your own personal style is and what your wedding theme is.


The MTV Movie Awards just took place last Sunday so it made us think and look out for what handbags the stunning celebrities were clutching on this fabulous night. All the celebrities were holding stunning handbags, from evening handbags to clutch handbags.

We saw Sandra Bullock hold a stunning black clutch handbag similar to the one below. It looked beautiful against her stunning black mini dress. Then we saw Scarlett Johansson holding a beautiful gold handbag, looks stunning against her emerald green evening dress.

To get the celebrity look when it comes to your evening handbags, get a stunning evening handbag from Shefaly | Handbags.


23 February

Crystal handbags for weddings

Shefaly | Handbags stock a huge range of wedding handbags and bridal handbags, and the real trend nowadays is crystal wedding handbags that matches your crystal wedding jewellery.  Crystal wedding handbags look stunning against your bridal gown and crystal jewellery.

Crystal wedding handbags can be made from Swarovski crystals, but are very expensive starting from around £200 a piece. But many crystal wedding handbags can give the same sort of look at half the price if not more. Crystal wedding handbags can be made from Austrian and CZ crystals or diamantes which look just as fabulous.

Crystal wedding handbags are great accessory for your wedding day but crystal handbags are also great a prom handbags or as evening handbags.