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3 November

Christmas handbags

Christmas is just around the corner, 7 weeks and 2 days away to be exact, and with the way time is flying nowadays before you know it it will be 2012. So why not start thinking about your Christmas gifts and your Christmas accessories, especially your Christmas handbag? You dont have long left for those all important work Christmas parties and the many family parties you will be having to get dressed up for.

The best way to accessorise your Christmas outfit is by accessorsing with a handbag. A Christmas themed handbag to be precise. And we dont mean handbags coverd in elves or santa claus, unless thats your thing! You can go for a red handbag or a green handbag or even a gold handbag to stick with Christmas colours to make sure your little black dress looks that little more Christmassy than it otherwise would. Handbags are also a great gift idea for Christmas. After all a woman can never have enough handbags.

Christmas is a great time of year when you can spoil others and spoil yourself. So why not indulge in come retail therapy and buy yourself or a loved one a stunning new handbag?


Christmas is well and truly round the corner believe it or not and most of us are now thinking about our christmas parties that we will be attending whether its a work party or a party you are holding at your own home this Christmas. So once you have thought about what you are going to wear this coming Christmas, you have to think next as to what accessories you will have on, especially what Christmas handbag you will be holding this season.

As we all know, red and green are the colour of choice for the Christmas season. Therefore theres nothing more festive than holding a red handbag or a green handbag this Christmas party season. A red handbag would look stunning with your red jewellery and red dress. And many red handbags come with a dash of gold or silver on it like the red and gold handbag. Or with a green handbag, you dont need to go all over gree, you can go for green and silver handbag for example.

And if you would prefer to buy a handbag at an online handbag shop that can be used over and over again, then why not go for a gold handbag or silver handbag or even a black handbag so that you can wear it again, perhaps on New Years!?


The MTV Movie Awards just took place last Sunday so it made us think and look out for what handbags the stunning celebrities were clutching on this fabulous night. All the celebrities were holding stunning handbags, from evening handbags to clutch handbags.

We saw Sandra Bullock hold a stunning black clutch handbag similar to the one below. It looked beautiful against her stunning black mini dress. Then we saw Scarlett Johansson holding a beautiful gold handbag, looks stunning against her emerald green evening dress.

To get the celebrity look when it comes to your evening handbags, get a stunning evening handbag from Shefaly | Handbags.


26 April

What’s in style for wedding handbags?

Wedding handbags are an up and coming when it comes to wedding accessories and all brides who are en vogue and want to look stylish on their wedding day should wear a wedding handbag. Since wedding handbags come in so many different styles, shapes and sizes, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding handbags.

So what is the current style of wedding handbags? Well, the great thing about wedding handbags is that they don’t rely on what’s in trend at the moment. Wedding handbags are what you want them to be. Bridal handbags can be white or ivory. It can be encrusted with crystals or not. You can even have a colourful handbag like a pink handbag or gold handbag.

So bridal handbags are a great accessory for any girl on their big day, and if you want to be an elegant and trendy bride use a wedding handbag on your big day.


19 January

Handbags at the golden globes

The golden globes took place last weekend, and we could see accessories galore on the red carpet. On prevalent accessory that could be seen was handbags, or even evening handbags. They look amazed against the glistening jewellery and the stunning evening gowns that were worn by the celebrities.

Evening handbags don’t have to be designer pieces which cost thousands of puns, as you can get the same look for very little. You could wear a black handbag with your black evening dress or as a prom handbag. You could even pair a gold handbag or a silver handbag with your stunning evening gown.

Handbags are a must have accessory for any girl as they really do serve a purpose whilst making you look so in trend and finishes your outfit off.


24 December

Brooches as a handbag accessory

Brooches aren’t only an accessory that can be used as costume jewellery for your coat lapel or for even ad a hair accessory. Brooches can look fabulous for accessorising your handbags with, whatever type of handbag you decide to carry including wedding handbags and leather handbags.

So if you have a simple black handbag, why not a for example the crystal wreath brooch to your handbag on a special evening out to make it look amazing. You can also add a brooch to your wedding handbag, like the crystal and pearl brooch to accentuate your white handbag or your ivory handbag even more.

Brooches can be used in so many different ways, whether on your shoes, on your clothes as an accessory or on your handbag to make it a normal bag look extra special.


You might think that since you are getting married you have to go for traditional looking wedding handbags like white wedding handbag or ivory wedding handbag. But this doesn’t need to be the case. Other colourful handbags can also be used and here’s a guide to how you can wear your wedding handbags.

If you have an off white lace dress as your bridal gown, this would look great with a little bit of brown added to it. So this could be a brown lace bow around your midriff, and then topaz or brown accessories with a brown clutch handbag. Or if you are accessorising your dress with gold costume jewellery why not try adding a gold handbag to as your wedding handbag of choice.

There are many other ways that you can accessorise your wedding dress, especially by adding a splash of colour it’s your wedding handbag.


7 November

How to choose the perfect evening handbag

Evening handbags can be a really sexy addition to any outfit and can finish your look off in true style, especially if the colour is matched to your costume jewellery. There are many types of evening handbags and the one you choose really depends on what sort of look you are going for

The perfect evening handbag for a night out to a club or bar would be something that’s quiet demure and not too imposing. So you can wear a pair of jeans and a top and finish the look off with a great black clutch bag or a gorgeous silver handbag

But because evening handbags are so versatile the same hand bag can be worn if you are going to a Christmas party or to a ball. But you can buy an even snazzier handbag for such an occasion, one that has many diamantes on it, or perhaps beaded, and maybe even a dash of colour like a pink handbag or a gold handbag. If you decide to wear a little black dress to such an occasion a colourful handbag can really look fabulous, especially if matched to your costume jewellery.

Finally, don’t forget your big day. For your wedding you would most probably want a white, cream or ivory handbag. This can be beaded or have diamantes on it and since evening handbags come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours, you are sure to find one that matches the look you are going for.  Or for the contemporary bride, why not try matching your wedding handbag to your jewellery and go for something with colour, like a gold handbag?